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Solid Fuel Boilers

"CP" Type

The "CP" boiler consists of two parallel drums, configured such that the upper drum is considerably longer than the lower drum. In addition the boiler has two (2) lower sidewall headers that run the complete length of the boiler setting and help to configure the sidewalls of the boiler's furnace. The "CP" type boiler has been consistently used for over 70 years in typical solid fuel fired configurations for both saturated and superheated steam boilers. The original boilers of this design consisted of tube and tile construction. However, due to engineering advancements in waterwall membrane construction, the furnace sidewalls are now of the membrane design. Typical boilers with tube and tile construction were usually field erected. Boilers with membrane design now are constructed similar to Package Watertube boilers, and are fabricated and assembled in the shop and shipped as modular units.

Boilers of this type can be constructed for capacities from 10,000 PPH up to 60,000 PPH. Design Pressures up to 900 Psig and either saturated or superheated steam boilers.

The boiler design lends itself to typical fuel firing of Coal, Wood, BioMass, as well as other fuels, and can also be configured to burn natural gas fuel oils in addition to solid fuels. The boiler can be constructed with either a fixed grate, traveling grate, reciprocating grate, dump grate, or fluidized bed combustor.

Boilers of this style are usually quite competitive with the Hybrid (combination Firetube / Watertube design) or the Horizontal Return Tubular type boiler.

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