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English Boiler offers numerous boiler designs and products to meet the power needs of industrial, commercial, and educational markets. These units designed by English Boiler operate efficiently and economically in today’s market. English Boiler offers the opportunity for a customer to have boilers designed to fit specific height, width, or length requirements without additional cost for the customized designs.

Featured Product

The Shop Modular Biomass Boiler

When English Boiler received a request to design, fabricate, and assemble a complete power plant including the building enclosure – then disassemble, load, and ship the complete power plant in modules to a remote location, the company met the challenge head on. The modules would require reassembly at the site with minimum resources and manpower.

The solution resulted in the Shop Modular Boiler utilizing the Plug and Play concept; one of the most sought after English Boiler designs.

English Boiler now manufactures complete modular Power Plants designed for either saturated or superheated steam, high temperature hot water, and 1MW to 10MW steam turbine generation power systems. Fuels include natural gas, fuel oil, waste heat, fossil fuels, and biomass agricultural and industrial waste streams.

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