CD-TypeSolid Fuel Boiler

Boilers are designed to be shipped as complete shop-assembled unit or knocked down for site assembly.


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  • Available with Superheaters, Economizers, and Air Heaters
  • Design pressures to 1200 psig
  • Steam temperatures to 900°F
  • 250,000 lbs/hr steam capacity
  • Adaptable to all methods of firing
  • Pressurized furnace or balanced draft operation
  • Highest efficiencies and heat transfer rates


  • English Boiler will incorporate top sidewall headers in design
  • Baffles are arranged to eliminate soot pockets
  • Ample water supply to waterwalls insures positive circulation
  • Provides liberal furnace volume for fuel selected
  • Large drum diameters provide ample steam and water storage
  • Structural steel supports casings independent of pressure unit
  • Welded or bolted flanged casing provides for ease of maintenance
  • English Boiler custom designs the CD Type boiler to meet strict space conditions
  • Ductwork, stacks available
  • Roof and all walls watercooled
  • Top or bottom supported units
  • Complete watercooling leads to low refractory maintenance
  • Tubes can be removed without disturbing adjacent tubes