D-TypeWatertube Boiler

The D-Type industrial watertube boiler has allowed English Boiler to offer attractive pricing programs without sacrificing quality construction, efficiency, guaranteed emissions, and on time delivery.

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  • Large Furnace assures complete combustion and lower emissions
  • Packaged boiler capacities from 10,000 lb/hr to 550,000 lb/hr
  • Dual burner design on capacities over 300kpph
  • Saturated and/or Superheated Steam
  • Design pressures up to 2,000 PSIG
  • Superheated steam temperatures up to 900°F
  • Gas outlet left or right side at front
  • Suitable for natural gas, oil, refinery gas, off gases
  • Field erect designs available
  • Robust long lasting design, +30 years lifespan
  • Windbox mounted FD fan for capacities 100KPPH and under

The D-Type industrial watertube boiler is made up of five major components. The components are the Structural Steel Base and Lower Water Drum, the Front Wall, the Rear Wall, and the Upper Steam Drum. These components provide the structural integrity of the boiler. Each component is designed to expand independent of the other components. The membrane wall tubes in conjunction with the corner expansion joints allow for the independent expansion. Regardless of its capacity, each boiler is constructed in much the same manner.

This concept allows English Boiler to custom design each and every unit without incurring extra engineering charges. Any boiler can be changed in height, width, and length without penalizing the customer. Each English boiler is designed to meet and exceed the customer requirements. English boilers usually have more heating surface for the same size and capacity than that provided by other boiler manufacturers.