Modular Boiler SystemsReady to Assemble

An Innovative Concept From English Boiler, Inc.: Delivered by Truck, Ready to Assemble, Start-up and Commission.


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English Boiler Shop Modular Systems can be supplied as basic or as advanced as the customer requires. Typical scope of supply includes:

  • Packaged Watertube Boiler
  • Industrial burner for gas/oil/waste fuel firing
  • Standard boiler trim and valves
  • Boiler controls via easy to use Operator Station
  • Feedwater system
  • Usually delivered by motor freight, ready to assemble, start-up and commission


Boiler Assembly

  • Fabricated and Constructed in accordance with the guidelines of the ASME Code
  • National Board Registered
  • ISO 9000 Compliant
  • Each unit custom engineered for specific application

Feedwater Assembly

  • Completely engineered for application
  • All valves over 2″ are flanged and bolted bonnets for maintenance
  • All pipe, valves, and fittings insulated to customer specification
  • Completely pre-wired with lighting and outlets
  • All wiring in hard conduit
  • Motor starters, Disconnects and VFDs as required
  • Temperature controlled environment

Site Installation

  • Shop modular units need only be set into place, install interconnecting pipe, and connect electrical power
  • English Boiler can provide on-site supervision or installation if requested

Advantages To The Shop Modular Boiler Concept

Single Point Responsibility

  • All design, engineering, fabrication, and commissioning is handled by English Boiler, Inc.
  • Eliminates negotiating with multiple contractors
  • Focuses responsibility and liability to a single party

Faster Fabrication Time

  • Single point responsibility eliminates lost time due to coordination between multiple vendors
  • All work, other than interconnection between separate modules, is performed inside modern fabrication facility and not at a job site

Better Quality

  • Controlled fabrication environment allows for better quality work than is typically performed at an outdoor and remote jobsite


  • Shop modular systems can be as much as 50% less expensive than site-assembled components
  • Supply of modular building assembly eliminates time at the site to construct and erect a new building
  • Most city, county, and state governments consider modules to be equipment enclosures rather than separate building structures
  • Designed to meet and/or exceed local building codes
  • Shop labor rates are considerably lower than field labor rates
  • Shop productivity is considerably higher than field productivity resulting in faster fabrication